book3Every Revival throughout history has always followed the scriptural pattern outlined in 2Chronicles 7:14.  God gives Revival but He does so through the long, persistent prayer works of holy  servants of His, who have forsaken their sins, turn away from their wicked ways and surrendered all to Him in true humility and heartfelt honesty. First Step To Revival is a  work which calls the Body of Christ around the world  for a closer walk with God…a soul – refreshing fellowship with Jesus… a deeper intimacy with the Holy Spirit, the kind that will lighten the dark weary path of our earthly pilgrimage.

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Around the world : USSD 17:00 ( Including postage )


book4True Revival is that which originate out of a growing conviction that all is not right in our lives and  our work with God.  It a sacred commitment to put to death anything in us that does not seek Him… those secret, hidden lifestyles that do not honour Him. Hunger For Revival is a life –changing  Book that creates a deep yearning for revival and the moral transformation of society  and sets our hearts on fire for frontier mission and international evangelism.

In South Africa :  USSD 24:00 ( Including postage )
Around the world :  USSD 36:00 ( Including postage )

book2Flames of Revival ignites flames of Revival in your  life…marriage…ministry… and local Church fellowship. It  will definitely change your life because its pages were prayerfully packaged to release powerful supernatural flames… and to spark off some of the most unprecedented evangelical fire ever known in your spiritual history.

In South Africa :  USSD 24:00 ( Including postage )
Around the world :  USSD 36:00 ( Including postage )

book1SHOWERS OF REVIVAL comes with the sacred showers of heaven… the soul – refreshing rain of the Spirit. It  is a book  that will enable you to rediscover  the narrow path to true Biblical Christianity and live the way Jesus lived… I mean a supernatural awakening that only heaven can initiate. Get a copy today!

In South Africa :  USSD 12:00 ( Including postage )
Around the world :  USSD  17:00 ( Including postage )