About Us

Mission Africa magazine is an international, non- denominational, great commission Christian communication network. It is a global, inter-regional Christian missionary magazine which is committed to task of frontier mission humanitarian services and global issues starting with  Africa and around the world.

We maintain special attention on the unevangelized and address those challenges that affects the evangelization of the world.

The Goal of Mission Africa Magazine is
“Making Disciples for Christ”
Matthew 28:19

To  establish ourselves as the clear leader in the Christian Missionary and humanitarian Magazine industry in the world, with unsurpassed quality that   sets   professional norms and international standards in the industry.  To stimulate radical involvement in frontier evangelical   missions,   Christian community development and humanitarian services in Africa and around the world.

Mission Africa Magazine is a Non- Profit Company (NPC)   registered in the Republic of South Africa. Our covenant and  commitment  is to release whatever royalties we receive from donations, fundraisings, subscriptions and sale of Mission Africa Magazine into the unfinished task of global evangelization beginning with Africa. We also pledge to provide humanitarian and community development services to needy territories around the continent and throughout the world.

To be the number one voice for Christians in Africa. To speak for the poor, voiceless people of Africa by providing regular cutting edge, thought-provoking reporting that truly represent Africa and in so doing build capacity, promote development, entrepreneurship and economic sustainability for the less privileged, provide technical support and mentoring of emerging African Christians, missionaries  and Church leaders.

To produce and distribute a Christian Missionary Magazine that is committed to the task of frontier missions, humanitarian services and global issues in Africa and around the world

1  To provide the right international platform for African Christians, Churches and mission agencies to express their opinions and be heard globally

  1. To help raise international awareness on the contemporary situations in Africa such as regional poverty, hunger and refuge issues; human suffering, regional conflicts, crisis, human trafficking, religious terrorism and extremism,
  2. To better the spiritual, social, environmental and economic status of Africa by engaging in strategic initiative that will enable the African people in the areas of health, education, entrepreneurship, poverty alleviation, community development, housing,  social services, disaster relief and leadership development.
  3. To help serve the oppressed, persecuted, marginalized Christians and empower needy Churches throughout Africa and around the world
  4. To make missionary evangelism a task that cannot be compromised by challenging Christians everywhere to play a more active role in international missions.


  1. Know God, make Him known
  2. Visionary, decentralized global structure
  3. International, inter-racial, interdenominational, multi-cultural
  4. Biblical Christian Worldview
  5. Team oriented, relationship based
  6. Prayer, Fasting, Worship, dependence on God
  7. Servant leadership, do first then teach
  8. Value individuals, Value families
  9. Accuracy, integrity, accountability
  10. Excellence, commitment, steadfastness
  11. Transparency, truthfulness, trustworthiness
  12. Responsibility, faithfulness, stewardship.
  13. Hospitality, compassion, service to humanity.

Statement of Faith

Mission Africa Magazine holds to the fundamental doctrinal Truths of the orthodox Christian Faith. We accept the revelation of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit given in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments and confess the historic faith of the Christian Bible therein set forth.