Give peace a chance; give children a chance’ says Keita in South Sudan

The political conflict in South Sudan has displaced millions of people, killed thousands and destroyed huge  national infrastucture. Several world leaders, religious bodies, international partners and civil society groups have made significant attempts at restoring p e a c e  b u t  p e a c e  wa s  n e v e r actualized. With the recent four day visit of    UN  Assistant Secretary- G e n e r a l  f o r  P e a c e k e e p i n g Operations Bintou Keita, there seem to be high hope in the air over the actualization of peace in the young nation.

 According   to  her,  All stakeholders in South Sudan must “engage genuinely and constructively in finding a political solution”  to the conflict there

Bintou Keita told reporters in the war-ravaged  country’s capital, Juba, “There is no military solution to the c o n f l i c t , ”  u n d e r s c o r i n g   t h e importance of the peace talks facilitated by the regional body, the Inter-Governmental  Authority for Development (IGAD).

A key forum led by IGAD to revive the peace process, which will resume s o o n ,   o f f e r s  a n  i m p o r t a n t opportunity that needs to be seized,

she said, urging warring parties to “adhere scrupulously to the terms of the December 2017 Cessation of Hostilities Agreement” – an accord adopted at  the  Forum’s previous round held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. “But peace will not be won in Addis Ababa only,” Ms. Keita said, stressing that it must be won in every state of South   Sudan  where  politically motivated intercommunal violence has caused numerous fatalities in the past month.

“ T h e  f i g h t i n g   b e t w e e n  t h e government and rebel forces, which broke out in several parts of Greater

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