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400,000 children at risk of death in Kassai region in DR Congo. The kids ‘are dying’ now from malnutrition warns  UNICEF. We call on the internationally to act very quickly before it’s too late. Darfur is boiling again but only durable solution that can produce durable peace. You are welcome to our latest issue. 

Other  articles which could attract your attention have been added, they capture current events in Africa. Some of them are: UN  Security Council condemns starvation of civilians as a war tactic; Northern Somalia clashes: UN and partners call for ceasefire; Churches join forces to re-ignite their service in a hurting world; Australian churches call for peace and unity in South Sudan; UN urges the international community to do more to protect civilians caught in conflict;

Ebola outbreak in DR Congo and Sudanese teenager convicted of stabbing the man she was forced to marry sentenced to death. I believe there are other articles that may attract your interest and motivate you to compassionate deed. Take your time and go through the pages you’ll be richly blessed.

Charles King.

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