Thousands of Coptic Christian recently engaged in a peaceful protest at the Provincial administration office in Minya, Egypt against the continued kidnapping and killing of Christians in that country. They cited a particular case of an 18 year old Coptic Christian girl who was believed to have been kidnapped with her family in the city of Samalot. The said issue of kidnapping and killing of Coptic Christians across Egypt is so rampant that many Christian lives are lost to Islam as a r130416-copts-egypt-02.660;660;7;70;0esult of abduction, forced Islamization and forced marriage to Muslim men against the will of the girl’s parent. Coptic Christians are a minority in Egypt. Thy account for 10%, of the population while Moslem are 84.7% of the population. Most kidnappers often require a significant amount of ransom depending on the financial capacity of the family. Most families are unable to meet the financial demands of the kidnappers, this often end in the death of the hostages. Most Christian organizations also face serious challenges in terms of property ownership while other Christians are subjected to blasphemy charges as in a recent case where an Egyptian court sentence three Christian teenagers to five years in prison for “laughing” in mockery of Muslim prayers. The case of blasphemy charges against Christian have increased in recent months duntitledespite President El-Sissi’s promise to review Egypt’s Religious laws.


Christians in Egypt have been under sever attacks, persecution, intimidation, kidnapping and acts of vandalisation since the fall of former president Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood party in July 2013.

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