About Us

Mission Africa Magazine is an Online Christian magazine covering missionary activities around Africa from Cairo to Cape Town. Mission Africa Magazine is located in the city of Cape Town and it is primarily concerned with enhancing awareness of Cross  Cultural mission among Christian peoples worldwide. Mission Africa focuses special attention on the unevangelized as well as crucial issues such as world health, global poverty, international development and urban and rural mission. Mission Africa’s greatest dream is to glorify God in all things and work toward the complete evangelization of Africa and the rest of the world.



  • Integrity & Accountability
  • Excellence & Commitment
  • Transparency & Honesty
  • Faithfulness & Stewardship
  • Service & Motivation
  • Truth & Accuracy
  • Trust, care, action & responsibility.


In Mission Africa…

  • We are salt and light
  • We encourage evangelism, missions, and discipleship.
  • We provide true and honest reporting in all our articles.
  • We encourage the One Body of Christ with many members.
  • We evaluate everything in the Light of the Scripture
  • We are polite and enthusiastic
  • We listen, we ask questions and show respect.
  • We work together and love one another
  • We are patient, kind and we help each other.
  • We are honest and tell the truth
  • We try again, work hard and don’t give up.
  • We share … we care… we are a family!